ONE Bites - Optimized Nutritional EnergyONE Bites are designed with the extreme athlete in mind, but the benefits of eating healthy, organic, gluten-free foods rich in vitamins and minerals can have miraculous results on every person’s body.

Built to sustain, replenish and nourish, ONE Bites provide a well-balanced and diverse diet blended into one easy-to-grab bite. After all, ONE stands for Optimized Nutritional Energy. The best part about providing great ingredients in our product? We don’t hide them, we flaunt them.


ONE Bites - Optimized Nutritional Energy


Our Story

Preston Beck - Founder


The idea of Optimized Nutritional Energy started where one would typically guess: out running, but the story of these bites goes much deeper than that. The creation of these bites took me over a year of reading, experimenting in the kitchen, and testing on the track.

Throughout my life, people told me to become a runner, so I did what any stubborn teen would do- I ignored the advice. It wasn’t until after college, when life was much different than I imagined it would be, that I began running out of frustration. After a few runs I realized all those people earlier in my life may have been onto something. The urge to run became almost an addiction with the urge to get quicker right behind it.

ONE Bites - Optimized Nutritional EnergyAs I developed, I started running longer and longer distances, and finally I had to start eating while I ran. When I couldn’t find something to buy that had more than just simple sugars and a “hey this probably helps you” mentality, I decided to dive into the cause for my own good.

I started by looking at extreme athletes. I asked myself, what do people eat during the Ironman? Turns out some of the top finishers like honey, almonds, and apricots. A starting point was found, but not enough for a food-nerd such as myself. I dove from the macro-nutrients to the micro and tried to uncover what could be improved. It turns out even those foods had lots of areas for improvement. On top of that, I don’t like having sticky fingers while I run so I balled the ingredients up and coated them in some almonds. Thus, Optimized Nutritional Energy Bites were born!

I originally used them just for myself until friends tried them, asked for them, insisted on them, and finally demanded them for our runs together. The same gong went off in my head as when I started running. I always wanted to open a business. One that provided something I can be proud of and will help advance humanity. I never thought my niche would be helping improve someone’s diet and allowing them to run faster, bike farther, and row longer - but I wouldn't have it any other way.










ONE Bites - Optimized Nutritional Energy


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