Our Ingredients

ONE Bites - Optimized Nutritional Energy

ONE Bites take the guessing game out of your diet, freeing your mind to concentrate on training. None of our ingredients are extracts, just the real deal, all working together to provide instant power, sustainable energy, and aid in recovery by providing an optimized balance of protein, vitamins, fats, sugars, and minerals.


 ONE Bites - Optimized Nutritional Energy



Goji Berries - ONE Bites Ingredients

Goji Berries

Our goji berries are harvested from the non-polluted valleys of the Himalayas. These organic certified berries, sometimes called wolfberries, contain large amounts of vitamin C & B2, iron, selenium, potassium, and 18 amino acids, making it one of the few berries with a complete protein set and one of the most nutritionally dense foods known!


FlaxseedFlaxseed - ONE Bites Ingredients

The organic certified flaxseed in each bite provides potassium, protein, and large amounts of lignans, fiber, and fats; in particular, Omega 3's, the essential fatty acids. Flaxseed has many benefits. It may help reduce the chances of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and more by lowering our bad cholesterol, helping to prevent arteries from hardening (key for athletes), and regulating blood sugar levels. The flaxseed is ground to ensure our bodies absorb the most nutrients possible. It is proudly grown in the USA.


Chia SeedsChia Seeds - ONE Bites Ingredients

We employ organic certified chia seeds from Central and South America. These seeds contain everything needed to be a super food: protein, fiber, Omega 3's, calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, and antioxidants. While providing a ton of benefits like flaxseed does, chia seeds additionally supply many of the important nutrients our bones need to maintain and grow. Also, the carbohydrates from chia seeds are predominantly fiber, which retains water that your body can retrieve later in those long exercises.


Unsweetened CoconutUnsweetened Coconut - ONE Bites Ingredients

Part of the reason our bites are so delicious is because of the unsweetened, organic coconut all the way from South America. Let's skip the jibber-jabber; coconuts are high in saturated fat, and actually provide 45% of the saturated fat in ONE Bites. Why include it? Saturated fat is necessary in moderation ( ~10 percent of caloric intake). Our recipe falls right on that 10% mark so you achieve optimal performance. Saturated fat helps those essential Omega 3's be absorbed into cells and calcium into bones. Potentially more important, saturated fat coats our lungs to help us breathe, and our brains are made largely in part of saturated fats and require more to keep growing!


Almonds - ONE Bites Ingredients


Grown in sunny California, our organic-certified almonds help to provide a comprehensive protein platter, vitamins & minerals, and all the slow-burning fats that the body uses as fuel long after the sugars and other carbohydrates are consumed. Almonds have a very high concentration of monounsaturated fats, which help stop bad cholesterol from blocking up arteries and reduce inflammation.


CashewsCashews - ONE Bites Ingredients

Organic-certified cashews from Vietnam were carefully selected because of their high nutrient density - large amounts of monounsaturated fats, copper, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, vitamin K, and moderate amount of zinc. The monounsaturated fat helps reduce heart disease and contains a great source of energy. It is a little known fact that copper and magnesium are vital in the creation and maintenance of new bones as well as keeping joints flexible.



Apricots - ONE Bites Ingredients


Apricots are becoming known as the runner’s food. Our organic-certified, Turkish apricots provide sugar for energy, vitamin A to support our mucus membrane, carotenes to help support vision and protect from lung and oral cancers, vitamin C to fight off those oxidants we inhale from car exhaust, catechins to fight inflammation, and potassium to keep your cells working correctly.


CranberriesCranberries - ONE Bites Ingredients

Wisconsin organic-certified cranberries have have a long history of medicinal uses and a large spectrum of health benefits including but not limited to: enhancing the immune system, reducing inflammation, and protecting against oxidants. These health properties come along with vitamin C, fiber, and potassium that will keep you training longer and recovering faster.


RaisinsRaisins - ONE Bites Ingredients

California-grown, organic-certified raisins are not only delicious, but packed with essential vitamins, minerals, sugars, and antioxidants our bodies need to perform at their peak performance. This underappreciated fruit provides anti-inflammatory resveratrol and anthocyanins along with potassium and iron. All this, plus the natural sugar from the raisins combat fatigue and provide instant energy to re-empower you!


HoneyHoney - ONE Bites Ingredients

We support local people and companies whenever possible, but honey is especially important. Our Seattle-local honey contains local allergens from the specific flowers the bees’ harvest. Some doctors believe this will help mitigate the effects of allergies by reducing the production of cytokines, thus making it easier for us to function our best. Honey also provides antibacterial phenols and flavonoids, including resistance against Helicobacter pylori which causes stomach ulcers. The honey in ONE Bites provides most of the sugar, which is converted into instant energy.