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Combination Packs

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The Flavors:

Honey -A well-balanced bite that allows each ingredient's flavor to come through at a different time, polished off with a sweet honey finish.

Ginger - For those out there that are just as crazy about ginger as we are. These balls pack a ginger bite once the initial flavors fade
Cinnamon & Cacao - For the chocolate lovers, cinnamon and unrefined cacao are mixed in with the original ingredients to give a balanced, less sweet flavor than the original, but still fulfill the chocolate craving.

The Science:
ONE Bites are designed with ~ 70% carbs, 20% fat, 10% protein. The carbs and fats contain short and small sugar chains for a more consistent, longer lasting energy boost. The protein contains all the essential amino acids for your body to use to maintain and repair muscle tissue. Additionally, these balls are packed with anti inflammatory ingredients to keep you moving as long as possible.

The Pack:
The best of three worlds! You will receive Honey,  Cinnamon & Cacao, and  Ginger Packs. ( 3, 6, or 14 packs, 5 Bites per pack, each bite is ~1" in diameter)